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Kristin Phillips
Brand Strategy
I'm a Designer and Brand Strategist with a decade of experience creating brand systems to enable scale at growth-stage companies. For the last 6 years, I've been nurturing health tech brands from initial brand guides to thoughtful, multi-channel visual languages. I also explore methods of image making using AI, 3D, and motion design.
New York - Remote
Skills & Experience
Collaborating closely with marketing and growth teams since 2014
Seed-stage and Series A brand-building
Design systems for scaling businesses
Working with founder teams to develop communication design frameworks
Richer content creation using animation, motion design, generative art and video
Figma (Auto layout obsessive
Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop · Illustrator
Motion: AfterEffects · Lottie · Spline
AI Art Direction:  Dalle2  ·  Midjourney5
CMS: · Framer · Webflow

Senior Brand Designer

Bad patient experience is the healthcare status quo

People living with chronic illness often spend years searching for answers. Along the way they report feeling disregarded, disrespected, and disbelieved. Clearing’s solution is to provide access to comprehensive, judgment-free, opioid-free pain relief to people living with chronic pain.

A system for everything allowed us to iterate, test, and learn faster

Systems enabled our growth marketing team to get better creative to market, faster: so we could test marketing messages with users, garner (quantitative and qualitative) feedback, and craft ever-better, less-stressful experiences for pain patients from the first touchpoint.

Motion Design for maximizing ad testing

My responsibility was to systematize design elements which enabled the growth marketing team to create ads and landing pages faster. By reducing time spent on production design, we were able to test marketing messages with users, receive feedback, and create better experiences for prospective patients from the first touchpoint.

about me
I’m a multi-disciplinary designer solving problems with design thinking, and making images for the sheer joy of it.
These are the things I believe in: fresh air, keeping an open mind, being kind to animals, and finding outlets for artistic expression every day.
In my spare time, I’m renovating an 1833 Greek Revival Colonial in a village of 300, and enjoying peeling back the layers of history as I eventually steward the home into its third century.
I also explore methods of image-making using AI, 3D, and motion design. I’m currently experimenting with AI as a tool for art direction, and unpacking the aesthetics of past design movements using neural image generation tools. You can follow the process on Instagram @paperletstudio.