Selected Work
Selected Work

As a multidisciplinary designer, I work in-house with growth and marketing teams as well as with freelance clients to concept and produce digital and physical projects.

about me
I’m a multi-disciplinary designer solving problems with design thinking, and making images for the sheer joy of it.
These are the things I believe in: fresh air, keeping an open mind, being kind to animals, and finding outlets for artistic expression every day.
In my spare time, I’m renovating an 1833 Greek Revival Colonial in a village of 300, and enjoying peeling back the layers of history as I eventually steward the home into its third century.
I also explore methods of image-making using AI, 3D, and motion design. I’m currently experimenting with AI as a tool for art direction, and unpacking the aesthetics of past design movements using neural image generation tools. You can follow the process on Instagram @paperletstudio.